You are about to discover Secrets that Most People will Never Know about meeting women. Things that most seduction coaches do not want you to know, no kidding. Welcome !

Get the Definitive Seduction Results Bootcamp

Discover why almost everybody is WRONG when it comes to improving seduction skills (and be sure to avoid these mistakes like pest !).

Hello. It's Ken speaking.

Most sales page begin telling you a story.
You already know the story, it's yours.
Getting more success with women is something about developping your seduction skills that eludes you to this day.
And even with a few ego-inspired considerations, it is damn hard to live with.
It hurts at a deep level, and it's frustrating like nothing else in the universe. Am I right ?
I guess I am : Been there. Lived that. Tried a lot of things. Even spent a lot. Didn't solve.
Until I could access to a certain mind-blowing knowledge that I convinced a Master Seducer - who happens to be one of the most successful seduction trainers on earh - to pack in an effective bootcamp.

And here is why it is something that will bring you a lot :

Hence the Definitive Seduction Results Bootcamp is here to bring you some unique opportunity : knowing how to get these seduction skills you lack. Now:

  • How to find the courage and the drive to approach women, even the most beautiful ones
  • How to approach, what to say, and how
  • How to approach groups of people you don't know, and ensure that the conversation rocks, that the people love you (and the worst ones at least don't bother you or your interests)
  • How to SPARK attraction into any woman, whatever her age and lifestyle, so that she does not at all want to be friends only
  • How to read the attraction signals and lead the interaction to an end both of you will want
  • How to solidify your initial encounter so that the date will happen
  • How to get from "so we date" to the bedroom without waiting for 6 months
  • How to escalate and make her CRAVE for more
  • How to deeply connect so that you too feel great things
  • How to manage expectations so that you do not end up in a serious relationship if you don't want to, and the secret so that she still spends the night with you even if she wants a serious relationship
  • How to ensure that she develops actual feelings, but only if this is what you truely want
  • How to manage objections and problems, from the Ex BoyFriend to the cockblocking friend
  • How to become really attractive
  • Know what to do next, clear and simple, using the best seducers techniques naturally

The modern seduction discipline grew strong

Since the 90s, hundreds of thousands of people meeting on the Internet Newsgroups and Boards made the seduction discipline skyrocket.
They became an army of researchers, trying and improving every day and night on the field - in the night clubs and bars, in the streets and transports, in malls, in their social circles...everywhere.
No industry EVER had that many researchers with a so deep and strong motivation for practical results.
Things were tried and reported every day. Mindblasting techniques emerged.

Nowadays, litteracy about these techniques abounds, covering every aspect from approaching to coming back home the same night with two women. The only sticking point left to this day was the "how to apply" these on the field.
You might have seen this : you read a book with great ideas, but you actually keep not using this content for some reasons.

Yet getting actual results feels out of reach

I was stuck with this, not actually getting results even if somehow "I should" with all these techniques, and joined a seducers club (a "Lair") to handle this.

Then I saw people who had actually applied an internalized the major seduction techniques. I saw these work. They told me about the guy who had made this a no brainer for them.

Who is this guy ?

The guy running the club for years was helping guys to improve, giving them short no-nonsense instructions in field bootcamp sessions.
This guy, yet not looking really great, had been hitting the field and trying everything until it worked for over 25 years. He had retired from profesionnaly coaching fortune 500 directors and wannabe seducers and because of financially not needing it anymore, yet was spending some time helping the guys from the club for free.
I joined one of the saturday afternoon "field" workshops.
Instructions were short and precise. After a few minutes, I saw half a dozen beginners 15 years younger than me, with no experience nor any social skills to start with, hook up with previously unknown groups within minutes.

Could it work for me ?

I tried to approach groups following the same instructions.
It worked for me too.
Over a few other free training sessions and meetings, our mindblowing coach came to teach us more techniques, control points and lines.

When he came to kissing girls quickly, I challenged this guy - I had tried for weeks to go beyond approaching, it could not be so easy.
He demonstrated. We were awed. He kissed an incredible looking girl in 15 minutes amongst a group with two guys wanting her, tooling them and at the same time making them to like him. Not only that but he was using the same exact principles he had taught a few moments before.

I tried too. It took me three tries to kiss a girl (with no competition, and with way less style I will admit) while it previously had been taking me about three weeks going out 4 times a week to get to this point before this.

Over the next days and weeks, I took notes so that one day you too, reading these lines, could exactly know what to do when actually meeting women.

Experience the Field in an enjoyable and profitable way NOW

Most approaches lack some precise instructions that you would feel congruent with.
So you don't exactly know what to do next, and end up doing some things that are approximative at best, and too often random. And you know that doing random things bring random results.

This lack of clear vision makes you uncertain, and does not make you know for sure that you will be successful. Which the women you talk to feels, and so on.

In the end, you could spend years - painful years - in the field to only get results that you dislike and may not even officially admit.
Years so close to the kind of ease, confidence and actual results that you know you are so close to get but just can't reach...

The Definitive Seduction Results Bootcamp has been purposefully designed to solve this.

Now THAT required a smart and effective solution

This no-non sense, field-proofed program that has been designed to be:

  • Painless: Saving you a huge deal of time and energy, by avoiding approach anxiety, stagnation, uncertain results and most of the rejections you would have suffered from
  • Fast: Take the shortest path to getting your skills fixed up
  • Easy to stick to: Make the path easy to follow on a practical level (with explicit, simple and logical, instructions you will easily ), and on an emotional level (by avoiding unnecessary pressure and rejection).
  • Sufficient, yet compatible: Get training instructions that are exhaustive enough to get you to results, yet get you SKILLS so that afterwards you can use the method or style you like (Mystery, Swinggcat, direct...)

Yes, someone had to do just this...

How you will be able to use this bootcamp

To ensure that this package will be useful to you in every possible way, the program has also been designed to be used in 3 different ways :

  1. as a Beginner Bootcamp
  2. as a Deepening and Improvement of your skills so that they become reliable and natural if you already have some field practice and results
  3. As a Reference and Troubleshooting Guide, so that you can just identify and fix the part of your Game who does not give you the intended results.

Benefit from this miracle for only 84 dollars.

Yes, this package is the missing piece to transform all seduction products and insights you got into effective field results, forever.

Just accept one thing : it has a price. It costs 84 dollars.

To me this is quite an outstanding offer for you, and here is why :

  • Because you probably go out spending MORE money and time going out for results which are not enough for you, and you would probably lose that much money in the next month trying to seduce without actual greater results. That's about a month going out for something this time.

  • Because the wisdom it sums up in a few dozen pages and a few smart computer files are a concentrate of principles that took more than two decades to be identified and honed, the EXACT principles that led the few guys who became sucessful to get that success while others were plain and simple stuck .
  • Because it will probably avoid you to spend a lot of money and time into seduction training sessions and products, while not getting you to be satisfied.
  • Because even if you found a competent coach or trainer, it would cost you a lot more to get to the same results level.
  • Because it's a fair price for a product which content has taken more than 5 years to test and refine before even being first commercialized, took so many more hours to prepair, and gets the insights of a dozen high level Pick Up artists and the commitment of one of the most successful seduction trainers on the planet, who has now retired from this activity.

Now it's up to you to decide if getting actual results is something you are ready for, and if you are ok to pay $84 to get them.

The Bootcamp Content you will get

For this price, you will get:

  • A field proven training method leading you from one step to the step.
  • A low pressure, smart training progression where the next step is clear, easy for you to reach, and accessible through home or field practice within a few minutes or encounters
  • Insights about learning seduction that you never suspected.
  • Counter intuitive instructions and lines (yes, pick up lines ! ^_^) that will just BLAST your mind when you will use them.
  • An exhausting training guide, covering each aspect of the development of your skills, seduction stage by seduction stage
  • Several computer files and contents that you will be able to use to check your progression, identify your sticking points and know what to do next
  • A comprehensive glossary of seduction terms and techniques, indexed to the matching part of your practice manual
  • A bunch of field tested routines and lines, including exclusive material
  • And a LOT of other things

To make a long story short, you will get just that you need to get to actual fields skills... and the dating and sex life many men would DIE for.

So why wait further ?

Stop rejection ! Stop approach anxiety ! Stop halfway results ! Stop getting random results and a random sex life !

This program is compatible will all major methods because even if it is self contained, it focuses on what makes a field training efficient to your skills. It benefits form exclusive training practices coming from all walks of Self Growth and Individual Efficiency, used by top performers, top notch sales persons, and several dozens of the world's top Pickup Artists.
It has been engineered by looking first at why makes the difference for those being successful.

The major benefits of this program : consistent results that you will love to train for

IF you are ok to follow the indications in this program, you will be able to use thes exclusive compilation of these secrets... and ENJOY doing it.

Because if you have already tried to hit the field, you probably experimented how difficult it is. It is difficult to follow a method or book (even one which as actual valuable insights). It is diffcult to pilot what you are doing. It is difficult to get CONSISTENT results. It is difficult to know what to do next. It is difficult to see what is actually happening in your interaction. It is difficult to follow the Structured Approach or to get REAL results with the Natural Approach.

That's what this program was designed to solve.

Extensive content to match all your needs... and get results without further effort

The pragmatic insights and principle of this program were field tested and verified by hundreds of people, including the clients of several highly successful coaches and the practicioner members of a major seduction lair, the Paris Pickup Club for over more than 9 years.

Every and each of the people putting this Bootcamp principles into action reported an immediate significant boost in results, saving entire evenings losing time and energy, and getting conversations, numbers, dates and actual sex, all this beyond the results they ever believed they could get. That's no mere marketing talking, hundreds of people saw this over YEARS, we saw this and verified this, and we will take the financial risk for you, we'll get back, to this in a few lines.

This program allows you to go from a mere wish to improve your sex and love life to actually approaching people, talking to them so that they LOVE you, attracting women when you want to, getting dates, and troubleshooting what happens until you can get sex more often than you will soon care for. It covers over at least 40 focused hours of simple "at home" work and over 40 hours of Field selective work, with the sole purpose of improving your game naturally without further conscious effort on your part. You can actually work upon this much more than these 80 hours if you follow every track and option given to you here.

All you need for improving is herein

You wil not find this effectiveness in natural seduction skills development anywhere else. You will even learn how to make humour naturally and how to make a women get mad and CHASING YOU, and you will easily practice to make these unconscious Habits. And learn quite a few great lines and seduction routines on the way, even getting to make these on the fly.

This program is based on face-paced techniques and insights which are exclusive, and you will find them only here (such as the powerful Butterfly social tactics, the Expectations Management rules, and many troubleshooting insights no other seduction amongst the thousands of pages we could put our hands upon has covered). You will also find a way to apply the best insights the seduction community has produced over the last 20 years - selecting these only would take years to do (it actually took years).

Let's make it 100% free of risk for you : full refund guarantee

And if you already desire benefitting of this unique opportunity to develop real skills, let me make it a no-brainer for you : if for any or no reason - including lazyness on your behalf, a sudden desire to join a monastic order instead, or whatever - you change your mind in the next 3 months, I give you a 100% money back guarantee. No question, just funding back as soon as you ask (yet we'd be glad to know).

So get the Definitive Seduction Results Bootcamp : click on "Purchase", pay on next page, and follow the package instructions. You will enjoy.

It is your choice, and one of the options is designed to make you happy

It is up to you. Not getting this bootcamp may be your last chance to keep an alibi for not getting success, and it is your choice.
Just remember that you'd enjoy so much getting the success. Quite more success than you actually feel comfortable with or stuck with in your current situation. Chances are strong that you will like sucess quite more than your current situation.
Think about your current success level, and how you feel about it. Now maybe take a moment to imagine the kind of seduction power and sex life you want and that this program will grant you access to. It's about being to get back home every night if you want with the very type of girl you fancy, and to be able to get the one who will be worth setting up with.
Or going on progressing so randomly and so slowly.
Now choose what you'll feed your life with.

We'd be glad to see you become another successful user of this bootcamp we put so much efforts into.

And we ask you just one last thing : when you get success, let us know (even if for some reason you don't want your sucess story to be published on this site).

Best Regards.


PS: This is the current launch price, it is susceptible to raise at any time.


0 #1 JackBlack 2014-05-30 14:36
After a year going out and meeting women, getting rather cool results.
But I saw I was actually a top guy when it came to efficiency. I thought I could improve my seduction techniques.
Full refund ? Ok, I tried this methodology.
Found myself with heaps of things to work upon, to test (some very funny things), to correct.
I could easily correct myself on my recurring mistakes. Works like a breeze.
I already could see my progress on the field after 3 days, and going on.
Impressive !
0 #2 Azira 2014-06-01 02:50
This was beyond my expectations.
My "game" was lacking some clear directions, and I could not find resources to change this.
This ebooks-files package changed this.
The content is cool, dense but not that huge (number of pages), the files have various levels of interest (to me), yet the whole thing turned out to be worth one hundred fold worth the price :
After a few hours reading, I got results well over my previous tries.
Doing what is said turned out to be easy and fun. And the smiles I got...
With so much obvious experience and understanding (the writer obviously knows and understands what we meet), easyness to practice (great point), fun and passion, the only motivation is to assimilate the information we are given and trying more and more.
With will and some consistent work, the structure given in the manuals will help me get the sentimental life I want.
Happiness in a box :)
-1 #3 asandy 2014-06-09 16:11
At first I was half weary but... I decided that if it was true, it would be worth the price, there was the refund guaranteed...
I tried, and was not disappointed. I won't ask for refund.
Actually...such a training is priceless.
I was so willing to succeed with women that I read books on this subject but could not get real results when meeting real girls.
After reading this and having tried to do what is told for two weeks... I don't regret my purchase.
I have learned so much that I ask myself why I have hesitated at first... I got for more than I paid for!!!! :-) first I got results (read beyond the term), and now girls ask me my number !!!!
Thank you a lot for your help !
0 #4 thegrudge 2014-06-10 12:32
I have found in these ebooks what I was looking for!

After months reading boards and testimonials, reading and reading again Mystery's books, I was still stuck at the same point : I did not know what to do when I was trying to seduce.

Thanks to these books, I finally understood Mystery's Method and a lot of other things. I now know where to go, what to work upon (it's made clear) and most important the mindset to have.
I know now in what direction to go, what to do and how.
Advice is useful (not visibly at first, but it has a reason to be there) and we get power tools to seduce.
The support is quick (I had several questions) and really careful.

The book says to aim like 70% success at each stage, but at like 30 or 40% success you get way too much numbers and kissed girls to work that much !

The writing is huge yet sometimes so dense that it would require more development to be fully understood, that's the main sticky point in my opinion.

For those who do not progress, who are actually stuck, and get distressful interactions, I could not recommend this product too much.

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